There was a time when I wanted to make you fall in love. I wanted you to crave my presence & make you feel as if you couldn’t live without me.I wanted to be everything to you.I wanted to be the best you’ve ever had in every way ,shape,& form.I wanted to be someone you’d never forget. I wanted to…

Pussy Grammar

I lick every syllable of ohh’s and ahh’s
While you pronoun every conjunction.
Pronouncing moans high and clear
Let’s get vocal.
Become speech impaired for me.
Your pussy speaks adjectives
Describing to me what it wants
Their, they’re, there
Mhmm that’s it, right there!
I’ll add commas, dot your I’s , include apostrophes.
I’ll even add periods.
Your, you’re, you are nouns verbs and adjectives to my tongue.
I’ll use similes and metaphors
To metaphorically show you that you are as as good as grammar.
To, too , two fingers and my tongue
Women, woman that’s my pussy.
Fuck, sex, fornicate my figure of speech
I have a preposition and this is not a phase
I want you
Be my direct object
Make me your exclamation to your point
Pussy and grammar goes together so well.